Why is My Dryer Not Heating?

CAUTION: Most electrical dryers use 220 volts to energy the heating factor. At all times disconnect the dryer energy wire from the wall receptacle earlier than doing any assessments or restore work Dryer Repair Los Angeles.

Listed here are some ideas.

Test the fuses
In case you have an electrical dryer, the very first thing to test are the fuses or breakers in your houses fuse field. If this fuse is blown, it’s attainable to your dryer to spin however not produce warmth. For those who’ve checked the fuses and they don’t seem to be blown, the subsequent attainable trigger is the heating factor.

Test the heating factor
To test the heating factor, transfer the again panel of the dryer. You will want a volt/ohmmeter to test the factor terminal. Find the factor and set the volt/ohmmeter on the RX-1 scale. Take away one lead from the factor after which place one probe of the volt/ohmmeter on the terminal of the factor. Place the opposite probe of the volt/ohmmeter on the remaining terminal of the factor. Search for a continuity studying of the volt/ohmmeter of roughly 2-5 ohms. If there isn’t a continuity studying, the heating factor is flawed and ought to be changed.

LINT- Your dryer’s biggest enemy

To increase the lifetime of your dryer, clear the lint filter each time you utilize the dryer. Even when the lint filter is cleaned after each load, lint will nonetheless accumulate across the dryer’s shifting elements, the exhaust duct and vent.

Annually examine the vent pipe and vent cowl operation. Disconnect the exhaust duct and take away lint from the interior exhaust pipe, the duct and the vent. Be sure that the duct has no kinks, the place lint and moisture can build-up.

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