Help My Washing Machine Sounds Like its Trying to Escape

Your washing machine is shaking, bouncing, knocking and you are absolutely stunned you have know earthly idea what has possessed this once calm, sturdy piece of machinery. I have worked on, fixed, replaced and taken several washing machines the dump.

In all those experiences I have never quite experienced something so unnerving as that washing machine bouncing around like it was going to take off.

Why you ask is it doing that kenmore washer repair los angeles. The simplest answer is that the load you are washing is out of balance. When you put the load in the machine you accidentally put to many clothes on one side of the drum and it is rotating out of balance causing it to bang against the inside of the cabinet.

The solution to this problem is also very simple just open the door to the machine, wait for the machine to stop turning, then reach in and adjust the load. Now close the door and wait for the machine to start turning, if it is still out of balance then simply repeat the process of adjusting the load.

There are typically adjustable feet on the bottom of the machine it is important that you adjust or have someone adjust the feet so the machine is level. The feet can be rotated in and out to adjust the height of each corner.

It is not a good idea to let the machine to spin out of balance as it can cause the bearings to fail or the rubber seal at the bottom of drum to tear. That causes water to go everywhere, and is expensive to repair.

If your machine continues to rotate out of balance when there is no load in it then your machine has a possible bearing problem and you should call a repair man especially if it is a newer machine you would like to keep. If it is an older machine you may want to replace it with a more energy efficient one. I would still get the professionals opinion.

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